Turf Aeration with Compost Top Dressing


Combining aeration and top dressing gives dramatic results. Aeration removes plugs from soil, exposing roots and reducing compaction. Top dressing the aerated turf fills those aeration holes with nutrient-rich compost that naturally feeds the roots while retaining water for the thirsty plants.

Lawn Renovation with Compost Top Dressing

Is brown, sparse grass your problem? Top dress with compost for a lush, green lawn naturally. Economic, efficient, sustainable—compost feeds a hungry law, strengthen its roots, without synthetic chemicals; it increases water retention capabilities to stave off drought and return grass to a verdant state.

Sustainable Lawn Care with Compost Top Dressing

For ordinary lawn care maintenance, compost top dressing is extraordinary! While feeding the lawn and adding essential organic matter, compost not only replaces synthetic fertilizers, it also reduces the need for frequent watering by increasing the lawn’s water-retaining ability. Natural, effective, sustainable, affordable—top dressing with compost.

Why Top Dress a Lawn with Compost?

Compost top dressing significantly increases soil’s water retention making for lush green grass; it improves the overall soil structure, stimulates microbial activity, breaks down the lawn’s thatch, and neutralizes the soil’s pH—creating a healthy, sustainable lawn. Top dressing a lawn with compost, which is the best, natural slow-releasing soil amendment, provides turf with everything it needs to thrive.
Not all properties will have the same results~ weather, temperature, ground conditions and watering all effect results of application

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