Rain Gardens— Landscaping for Water Conservation and Purification
Are you concerned about water runoff to the street, pond, lakes or even wondered where all that water goes?
Well, if this is you, why not consider a rain garden?  We design, build and plant rain gardens to Soak Up The Rain.
Storm water runoff, erosion runoff during heavy rain, and poor drainage are all water concern issues.
Rain Gardens are beautiful and when designed and installed correctly, protect our precious environment.
The gardens are designed to capture and absorb rainfall runoff and are cost-effective.  When water travels over hard surfaces such as driveways, walkways, pollutants often get picked up and transported to lakes and rivers.  A rain garden Soaks Up The Rain!

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Benefits of a Rain Garden
▪Increase landscape aesthetics
▪Low maintenance, high return value (water cleansing)
▪Reduce runoff and storm water pollution
▪Bring pollinators to the yard (bees, butterflies and hummingbirds)
▪Ecologically environmentally and socially responsible concept that will improve the lives of all the earth’s inhabitants.

All rain gardens are unique with a wide variety of flowers, grasses, ferns and shrubs

Show your neighbors how environmentally-conscious you are!

What is Soak Up the Rain New Hampshire?

Soak Up the Rain (S.O.A.K.) New Hampshire is a voluntary program managed by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services. The goal is to protect and restore clean water in the state’s lakes, streams, and coastal waters from the negative impacts of storm water pollution.
S.O.A.K. provides information about how our houses create storm water, pollution and how to prevent it with rain gardens, infiltration trenches and other practices.

Surf & Turf Landscape Specialist is trained in Ecological Landscaping for Water Quality Protection.
Learn more at www.soaknh.org