Premium Bark Mulch Installed by Surf & Turf Landscape Specialist, LLC

Bark Mulch Delivery and Installation. Get it delivered and blown right into your garden! Clean and efficient

We’re highly experienced in mulch installation

Consult with us on your next project and see how easy it is

No job too big or too small for blower installation services (5 yard minimum)

Surf & Turf Landscape Specialist, LLC offers a wide selection of bark mulch at competitive prices. We understand the importance of an efficient, hassle-free service, and that is why we offer installation that saves you time, money and stress.


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Home Owners/Residential Application

We will complete your project quickly, without the stress or mess associated with a “delivery service.”  We install, clean up and on our way.

We blow bark mulch into your space with uniform depth and perfect precision.  If you want to save on cubic goods, blowing mulch saves at least 15% on product usage.  Our service technicians can dial in any depth you desire.

Our blower installation services places the mulch neatly into place. No extra clean up is necessary once we are finished.


Our blower installation can easily lay down 20 yards of material within three hours when conditions are right.

We can stand and deliver 20 cubic yards per load and have the ability to delivery/blow several landscapes as needed.

Due to the reach of the specialized equipment, we can install the product from the roadside or remote areas minimizing the need for larger equipment on your jobsite.

Any installation is possible.  Give us a call to find out what we can offer.

Courtyards, steep slopes, elevated beds, roof tops, fenced in areas don’t pose a problem with our system.


We can do a job with two guys that may take you eight….in under two hours!  Let us optimize your scope of work by minimizing the time, effort and cost required of applying mulch.

We can focus our installation precisely from any location, tackling terrain and locations other contractors cannot due to equipment accessibility.

Our efficiency is reflected in our price points.  Time is money, let us show you how to start saving today.